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CSS3 Animation on Click

The sample file forCSS3 Animation on Click Animation on Click is a whole new ball game. The animation techniques that we have presented thus far stay the same, but the way you get it done is a different set of code rules. I just love my hover effects, but with the phones and tablets out there trying to shut down all of my hover imagination, CSS3 Animation on Click saves the day.

I have used  Animation on Click for years on my main site, sillybilly.com, but I never really understood it. It was just some Voodoo code that I adapted just enough to work for me and after I got it to work and do what I wanted it to do, I just walked away and stuck my head in the sand for a few more years. Then, one day I pulled my head out of the sand and said to myself, “Self, it’s time to face up to CSS3 Animation on Click.”

Project Main PageThere are two major issues one has to deal with when it comes to Animation on Click. The major ones are the CSS elements needed to get them done. With that there is some issue with what html5 needs to be used in conjunction with the CSS3 to make it all happen.

Have you ever had a link in a page that you just wanted to go to another place in the page, or to a specific place in another page. There Ya go. If you have any idea of how to do that, then you are half the way there and you will understand a bit more clearly what you are about to see in this video, “CSS3 Animation on Click.”

What the whole thing comes down to is first of all making sure you use id’s in your html5 code when naming the elements you want to have in your game. The second thing is the magical piece of CSS that gets the job done.

Can you say “Target?” And what is Target?

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Enjoy the video, “CSS3 Animation on Click.”
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