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Don’t you wish remote learning was easier?

And your kid was having more fun?

Jessamin Swearingen

Hi, my name is Jessamin Swearingen, I’ve been teaching computer skills and multimedia for 20 years. I have a M.A. from Teachers College of Columbia University, and as much as I computers . . .your kid can tell you . . .how limited most remote learning actually is.

I launched Remote GOAT to bring some fun back into learning while we’re managing the stress of this thing called 2020 . . .

All classes are taught remotely, but will never be larger than 5 so your kid … can feel like a GOAT Greatest Of All Time!.

The dog’s name is Toby, he might be in the room while I teach, but he doesn’t care so much for computers . . .


…What I’m teaching this August…