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What we do.

At sillybilly.com, we consult, tutor, teach and create web based concepts. As you look around the site, you will see that we teach html, html5, css, css3, Responsive Web Design, SEO, WordPress, Adobe Flash, Actionscript 2 and 3, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator .
Most of our clients are brand new to these concepts. Some have used print applications as professionals for years and are crossing the road to the web. We only teach, tutor, consult on languages and applications that we truly use and understand.

Many clients are business owners that want to update and manage there own websites. We show them how to make this happen.

Our sister site is:

Bill the Geek Members (Web design video Tutorials).

Many of our clients know certain things about web development, but need help with specific, strange request like video, javascript, and/or data base needs.

Our days are spent teaching, consulting and/or researching. RESEARCHING is high on the list because technology changes every minute so we have to stay on top of things as much as we can.

How we do Business.

We started in Silicon Valley outside of San Francisco (teaching corporations for 7 years), then when we shifted to teaching and contracting remotely via gotomeeting.com, we moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 10 blocks from the beach.

99% of our clients are in the United States with a few in Saudi Arabia, England, and Australia (apparently, English speaking countries).

We consult our “sessions” via live, screen sharing using GoToMeeting.com. We set an appointment with the client, log in, the client can see our computer (Mac or Pc), we have live, FM quality audio, the client can allow us to see their computer desktop or applications if need be(which is most of the time).

Most of the time, clients have issues, they want us to be able to see their computers and tell them what to do.

Our clients pay at the end of the session via Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discovery Cards through the Paypal system.

If we can’t help a client, or if their electricity goes out or something like that, they do not pay.

The History of SillyBilly.com

Sillybilly.com is one of the oldest URL’s and web sites on the Planet Earth. SillyBilly.com was investigated by the FBI, along with Disney because the FBI wanted to know what this web site stuff was all about.

SillyBilly.com was first designed to communicate with elementary school teachers and students to share the importance of reading and writing via computer technology.

Over a 15 year period, Author/Computer Illustrator Bill Dallas Lewis was invited into more than 600 schools around the world to show students and teachers how to create computer graphics, videos and animations on computer.

Who is Founder, Author/Computer Illustrator, Bill Dallas Lewis?


Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH

The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

Top New Business Sales Person,
Dun and Bradstreet Credit Services
3 years

Computer Business Information Consulting
5 years

Author/Computer Illustrator
15 years.

7 years training corporate computer graphics and web designers from :

Old Navy
The Gap
United States Coast Guard
United States Air Force, Europe-Middle East
Wells Fargo
Citi Group
and more

Location: Downtown San Francisco, One block from China Town and the Pyramid Building.

Last 14 years to Present, Tutor/Teacher/Researcher/Web Consultant USA, Coast to Coast :

Via GoToMeeting.com


Guadalajara, Mexico


“I read Bill the Geek´s book and it got me all pumped up. My girlfriend read it too. We did our internet research and actually called some Americans that were already living in Puerto Vallarta. They had friends with a place for rent right on the ocean. We were doing web design in San Francisco and we were paying $2,200 amount for a 1 bedroom apartment downtown.

With Bill the Geek´s help, we found a 4 bedroom on the beach for $550.00 a month and we don´t need a car. With the excellent high speed internet, now we are living our dream and actually saving lots of money every month.” Dennis and Sandy, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

“Thank you Bill the Geek. Living in Guadalajara is the bomb. I was living in Chicago and it get really cold there. The cost of living was getting to be ridiculous and the winters were just depressing. I am an on line consultant so Bill the Geek was right. After reading his book and listening to the audio book too, I did my internet research and actually visited Guadalajara before I made my move. I could not believe how cheap it was to rent a very nice place and all my cost for everything went down about 70%. No more Snow. Good bye Chicago!” Eric Mason, Guadalajara, Mexico

My wife´s family thought we were crazy. They said if we moved to Mexico we would get killed because they had been listening to Donald Trump. They were so wrong. Bill the Geek was totally right. Mexican people are so warm, friendly and hard working. They work so much harder and longer than Americans. We created an on line business. The internet is great and the cost of living is like tripling our income, plus, the weather is just out of this world. We love Mexico.” Mike, Lake Chapala, Mexico

“I´m a tax accountant and I worked for a big accounting firm for years in Cleveland, trying to climb the corporate ladder. Cleveland is cold in the winter. I am a black guy and never really considered leaving the country, but after reading Bill the Geek´s book, it gave me some ideas. I found some phone numbers of Americans living in Mexico and actually made some friends. They all had US phone numbers and they were very willing to give me a lot of tips and help about how to move down to Puerto Vallarta.

I made the move with just my computers and some clothes. I rented a fully furnished, 3 bedroom apartment 5 blocks from the beach for $650.00 a month. I immediately got internet hook up and I was on my way. I grabbed my highest paying clients from the firm I was working for and now I just consult them via Skype. They pay me into my Paypal account and that money goes to my bank.

This is heaven. What the heck was I doing in Cleveland. Adios Amigos.” Kevin, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

How it Works

The video on the left is about 7 minutes.  It tells how I teach my classes one on one.