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Adjusting Color Levels in Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC MaskingAdjusting Color Levels in Adobe Photoshop CC can make a not so good image a lot better. The rule of thumb is a very bad image is a very bad image, but many times, Adjusting Color Levels in Adobe Photoshop CC can make a real difference. This video will show you the way.

When adjusting color levels, you are changing the over all colors for darkness, mid tones and brightness, all at the same time. Or, you can play with only the red, green and blue color fields individually.

Adjusting Color Levels in Adobe Photoshop CCWhen I first started using Photoshop back in 1993, this tool always made a big difference in making an image much better. Now when I take a picture with my Android, Galaxy Whatever, the images seem to always come in perfectly. I made slide the mid tones slider a little bit just to make the image a little darker or lighter.

I appreciate layers. If you select an individual layer, you can make color level adjustments just for that layer.

As I have said many times in the video series, many times I’m working with a book cover with a background and three or more individual people images, all coming from different pictures with different color situations.

To get the the Adjust Levels panel, you must select the layer where you want to make the adjustments, then you go to, Image>Adjustment>Levels. When you get to this point, you will see a drop down menu with many types of adjustments that can be made. The adjustments I use most are Levels, Brightness Contrast, Hue/Saturation, and Color Balance.

Open an image. You can play with a flat image, or better yet, you can play with many images on different layers. Of course, anything done too much is usually a bad thing. Most of the major adjustments you will make will be tiny, little ones, just to get colors to work together better.

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