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Adobe Dreamweaver CC and iFrames

Adobe Dreamweaver CC and iFrames can be helpful. I think of iFrames as the Duck tape of the internet (yes, that’s spelled wrong, but I like ducks).

Adobe Dreamweaver CC and iFramesMany people only use  iFrames just to insert You Tube Videos, or other types of videos. With  iFrames, you can do a lot more.

Many people like what WordPress can do. Mostly, people like the universal side bars, the versatile widgets, and the fabulous plugins that go beyond belief. My clients, designers from all over the world, tell me what they do not like about WordPress is the lack of page control they have over themes.

Most good web designers today are very good with Adobe Dreamweaver CC, html5 and css3, but most lack the Php skills with the mySql knowledge to be able to edit a WordPress theme as freely as they would an html document. This is where  iFrames come in.

Sometimes, I want to use a WordPress function, like a form or whatever. I don’t want to load a theme, learn the theme, adapt the theme to work with my style, upload all the WordPress stuff that goes with it, bla, bla, bla. You know the drill. With iFrames, I can put just the portion s of WordPress in my html5 document and get just the part of WordPress that I want.

Yes, when you think of Adobe Dreamweaver CC and iFrames, just think to yourself a page in a page. That is all an iFrame is. It is one web page in another web page. Or, better yet, when using Adobe Dreamweaver CC and iFrames, you can actually set the x y coordinates and the width and height of the portion of the page in a page that you want to show.

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