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Adobe Dreamweaver CC and PHP

Below you will find 3 very basic videos showing you what Adobe Dreamweaver CC and PHP can do.  I use and work with Content Management Systems for myself and my clients day in and day out ( you may have heard of the term CMS, Content Management System ).  One of the most popular CMS site makers is WordPress.  Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal are all based on PHP and CSS ( and of course a mySql database ).

The problem with CMS systems is that they are “them based.”  What that means, it´s kind of like buying potato salad at the grocery store then you have to fix it up when you get home.  The real problem is that if you don´t know php or css so well, you are forced to eat exactly what you brought home.

The great thing about know a little PHP is that if you know all your Dreamweaver tools, then you can make your own CMS in Dreamweaver and be in total control of the appearance and function of your pages.  Also, hackers won’t be looking for your site to hack as much as regular, potato salad WordPress sites.

What does PHP actually do?

Adobe Dreamweaver CC and PHP can save you lots and lots of time.  PHP is a different code than Html and CSS, you can learn it all, or you can learn one line of PHP that will save you hours, if not days of work.  Let’s try to wrap our heads at least about what you can do with Adobe Dreamweaver CC and PHP

How about a live PHP basic example. Feel the power.

Ok, you got a little dirty there with the Adobe Dreamweaver CC and PHP basic concepts.  How about if we use an example that won’t make your brain pop up of your ears.

How about some real life, save you lots of time PHP

Ok, now for the moment you have been waiting for.  How about if we actually use that one line of PHP code to save you hours and hours and hours of time down the road.  If you can get into, you´ll love it when you use Adobe Dreamweaver and PHP.


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