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Adobe Dreamweaver CC, CSS, Responsive SlideshowsAdobe Dreamweaver CC CSS Responsive Slideshows

Welcome to the world of Adobe Dreamweaver CC, CSS, Responsive Slideshows. You Are Here!
The links to all six parts of the, “CSS, Responsive Slideshows” series are below. For each video if you click the “Download” button, all of the html, css, and image files can be downloaded for your experimentation.

The land of Flash is kind of gone. I made so much money developing and teaching people how to make Flash Slideshows it was crazy. And it was so easy to do ( for me anyway cause I’m a Geek).

The easy days of Flash are gone and now, making a simple slideshow for a web site it not at all simple ( until you watch this video series “CSS, Responsive Slideshows” ). Now, you can make slideshows using CSS or Javascript. In this series, “CSS, Responsive Slideshows,” we take the CSS3 approach and we do it in the most modern method.

When you want to make CSS, Responsive Slideshows, you want to understand a few basic concepts very well. You want to understand the basics of CSS3 animation. You want to understand what a Keyframe in CSS is. You want to understand z-index, because almost all of the time in CSS3 animation you will be using z-index, and you want to understand how to make the animation work in the part of the page where you want to put the animation ( sure that sounds very simple doesn’t it? But when you want to put your horizontal slideshow in the lower right hand corner of a page, some very not so desirable things can and will happen).

Here are all of the links to the videos for the “Adobe Dreamweaver CC, CSS, Responsive Slideshows” series;

The Introduction to “Adobe Dreamweaver CC, CSS, Responsive Slideshows-”

Part 1, Making a basic one image slide do something.

Part 2, Making a one basic image do many things using keyframes.

Part 3, How to make the z-index ( stacking of images in layers ), work for you.

Part 4, Making your slideshow 100% full screen width and Responsive Too ( YaaaaHOOOOO).

Part 5, Let’s make a fading show instead of a sliding show.

Part 6, Put the slideshow somewhere that works for you in a page.

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