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Adobe Dreamweaver CC Find and Replace

The Adobe Dreamweaver CC Find and Replace tool is fabulous and powerful. The Dreamweaver¬† Find and Replace Tool can save you hours and hours and hours of time, if not days, when it comes to editing entire 1000 page sites, or 6,000 lines of CSS that you might find in a WordPress CSS style sheet ( you’ll find out ).

Adobe Dreamweaver CC Find and ReplaceYou will get in a situation where you want to go into a 100 page web site and change the phone number to a new phone number in the footer of a page. The catch is, you want to leave the phone number in the header of the page the way it is. A simple click of a button would change them all, but if you know how to use the Find and Replace Tool, then you can change all of the footer phone numbers all by themselves, leaving the header phone number in tact.

Sometimes you’ll want to change a one link in a one thousand page web site to a different link. That would take you hours and hours and hours of repetitive looking and finding and copying and pasting. Yuck! I bet you have other things to do. On the other hand, maybe you have nothing else to do and you’re getting paid by the hour. You must work for the Postal Service.

Things that you can get done with the Adobe Dreamweaver CC Find and Replace tool will just blow your mind and it works in seconds making all of the changes to your entire site. Or, you can tell it to just find and replace stuff in one page. Or, you can tell Adobe Dreamweaver CC Find and Replace only to search and change things in a specific folder.

The Adobe Dreamweaver Find and Replace tool has saved me hours of work in Dreamweaver, but it has also saved me many hours when I’m editing, or looking for CSS selector in vast CSS projects.

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