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Adobe Dreamweaver CC Templates

Adobe Dreamweaver CC Templates for you.  Do you ever need a code, or page starter kit? Do you ever know what you want to do with a page, but you would like to have the page layout or the css to help you get started? Are you trying to build a responsive page, but you aren’t really good at setting the media queries, or you don’t know what a media query is?

Welcome to the land of  Dreamweaver Templates. There are all kinds here. These Dreamweaver  Templates include some from Adobe, but most of them are from web designers all over the world. Many of the site are responsive.

Responsive Templates

Free Adobe Dreamweaver Templates

General Templates

 Dreamweaver CC Templates

Adobe Dreamweaver CC has two or three templates right in the application itself. I don’t think that either one of them is responsive. With these Adobe Dreamweaver CC Templates, you will see many options to create, mix, match and create your own page from the more than 800 Adobe Dreamweaver CC Templates.

If I were you, as you find and begin to use the Adobe Dreamweaver CC Templates, I would grab the portions of them that you want, use the Adobe Dreamweaver Inspect Element feature, find the associated CSS, then create your own CSS file that is a mix and match of everything that you want and need.

Also, as you begin to find the portions of the pages you would like to use, once you identify the CSS and html, I would rename the CSS selector Ids and classes to names that make sense to you. Nothing like having code that makes little or no sense with selects that have names like distant relatives.

If you have a set of Adobe Dreamweaver CC Templates, which means anything made up of html and css, and you would like to share them with my students and clients on my web site, then please drop me a line so that I can add your link here. Me and all of my clients and students that are members here are especially and always looking for responsive templates.

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