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Adobe iIllustrator Pen Tool

Adobe iIllustrator Pen Tool creates perfect smooth curves. The curves are created from mathematical formulas developed by a French engineer named Pierre Bezier. Many people call the pen tool, the Bezier Pen Tool. He was an engineer at Renault in France.

Using mathematical formulas, Pierre discovered that he could create drawings with curves using math, much smoother than the human hand could draw.

Adobe iIllustrator Pen ToolThe Adobe iIllustrator Pen Tool is not hard to understand, but you have to open up your mind and learn to use the tools that Adobe Illustrator offers you. Again, other than images that you import, Illustrator is all about paths and anchor points. This is all math when it gets down to it, but you don’t need to know any math, you just need to play with the tools and apply you imagination in working with them.

In this video we will show you how to get into control of the Pen Tool. There are two videos. Part I and Part II. In part one we share with you how to use the pen tool to make basic objects and how to bevel corners of the objects that you create.

In this video with share with you how to add and remove anchor points. Paths and Anchor points are the key to using Adobe Illustrator. Once you learn how to create paths, add and move anchor points, then you are on the road to creating your own creations.

In Part II, we move ahead and show you how to take a basic image, and use it a guideline to add your paths and anchor points, and then manipulate the fill and stroke to come up with a new image that you created.

Enjoy the videos and have fun.

Click here to see the videos.