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Adobe iIllustrator Shape Tools

Adobe iIllustrator Shape Tools are quite a treat to use. And the more of the keystrokes that you can apply, then the treat just keeps on growing.

Adobe iIllustrator Shape ToolsThe world is filled with geometric shapes. Rectangles, Squares, Circles, Ovals, Stars, Polygons and Straight lines. Illustrator covers all of the bases with these tools.

With a click and drag, you can create these forms. But with a click only, you can specify the width and height of the objects.

When creating your own art, perhaps you don’t want just a rectangle, square, circle, oval, polygon or straight line, but when you start to combine these shapes and over lap them, then you can add anchor points to their sides and manipulate the anchor points to create the illusion of a brand new objects.

In this video we will cover how make a perfect horizontal, vertical, or diagonal straight line. We will cover how to add more points to a star. We will cover how to add more and less sides to a polygon. We will cover how to make the perfect triangle on the fly. We will cover how to make a perfect square on drag or on click. We will cover how to make the perfect circle on click or on drag.

Beyond these basics, there are some special keystrokes that you would not imagine to add some real glizt to your skills level.

Illustrator is a large application that provides you with a vast opportunity to create. But, Illustrator is like learning Kung Fu. You have to learn what the application can do. Then you must practice and experiment until you find yourself executing your mind without thinking about what you are trying to do.

Enjoy our working with shapes video. When it is over, experiment and have fun. That is the main part, having fun with these tools.

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Learning How to Learn

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