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Adobe Illustrator Blending Tool

Adobe Illustrator Blending ToolThe Adobe Illustrator Blending Tool was the original Gradient tool. With the Adobe Illustrator Blending Tool you can go from one color to another from one space to another space. It is truly a wonderful tool and only your imagination can hold you back from the many effects that can be accomplished.

You can find the Blending Tool in your Illustrator tool bar. It is one of the few tools that for all of these years has its own little spot just like the white and black arrow, selection tools.

The Blending tool is very easy to use. You can blend from one object to another object or you can blend to and from as many objects as you would like.

Adobe Illustrator Blending ToolLet us say you can a green circle with no stroke and a red circle with no stroke. To slowly blend from green to red you simply selection the blending tool. Once you have selected the blending tool, then you click on the green circle and then click on the red circle. A new object will be created. The new object will slowly (so to speak) go from green to red fading with all of the colors between those two colors.

You can do the same with stroke. The effect with be just about the same.

You can use text with the Adobe Illustrator Blending Tool, but first you must turn the text into vectors ether by creating outlines, or by using the expand command.

That is the basic function of the Blending tool.

There are times when you might want to create an object, a line, a shape or a letter, and you will only want to create a few objects between the two original objects. In this situation there is a button to be double clicked and you can set the exact number of objects you desire to be created.

As this new object is created over a space, a path will be created between the two objects. You can manipulate this path as any other path.

You can also expand the object allowing you to move the created different colored shape to any location you desire.

Enjoy the video. Click here to see the video.

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