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Adobe Illustrator Business Card Template

Welcome to this Adobe Illustrator Business Card Template. You can click below the video to download this Adobe Illustrator or PDF file format template. The template has one business card that had been created. All you need to do is redecorate the one business card. Once that is done, you can duplicate the card as you see me do so in the video.

Adobe Illustrator Business Card TemplateRemember the days when you wanted business cards and you would go to the printer, or the copying place to choose a design, choose the paper, choose the fonts and then wait a couple of days, or a week and return for the cards. No more. With this Adobe Illustrator Business Card Template, you can make your cards right now. Most likely you have to got somewhere and have the cards cut for you, but other than that, you are good to go.

If you are a graphic designer, now you can add this skill to your portfolio. You can ask your web and print clients if they would like business cards. Maybe you can throw this in as a bonus for doing the clients web site or print work.

Maybe with this template you could put up a thousand different designs on the internet and charge people money to download the various templates that you create. The sky is the limit.

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Hi Bill,

Thanks so much for these video tutorials. I have been trying to learn Adobe Illustrator for such a long time. These videos are very simple and they get right to the point. Now I don’t have to hire a designer. I can do my images for my posters and web work on my own. Thank you so much.

Wendy Hill

Columbus, Ohio

Learning How to Learn

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