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Adobe Illustrator Calligraphic Brush

The Adobe Illustrator Calligraphic Brush is one thing in Adobe Illustrator CC that has been around forever. With the Adobe Illustrator Calligraphic Brush you create a basic shape and draw with it to create wonderful things.

Adobe Illustrator Calligraphic Brush Adobe Illustrator by default starts you out with about five very basic Calligraphic brushes. If you open your brush panel and double click on anyone of them, you will see an options box that reveals the various things that you can do with each brush. By clicking the new brush indicator in the brush panel, you can choose to create your own Calligraphic brush and you can give it a name.

In the image in this page, you can see that you can set the width, angle, roundness, and size. Beyond those properties, you can set how the brush reacts to the pressure that you put on the mouse or the Wacom tablet as you draw.

The Calligraphic Brush uses Stroke color. In this video we show you another brush option so that when you are drawing with the Calligraphic brush, the brush creates your are using fill color and that has its advantages. When you draw with the Calligraphic brush and create fill objects then of course those objects have paths and anchor points that you can manipulate further after you create your original art.


Hi there Bill,

Adobe Illustrator Calligraphic Brush I’m so happy a subscribed to your videos. I’ve been using the Calligraphic brush for a long, long time. I had very heard about the other brush you reveal in this video. Also, I was never aware that I could create my own Calligraphic brushes and change the variations for them.

Great series, Great help



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