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Adobe Illustrator CC Art Brush

Adobe Illustrator CC Art Brush

With the Adobe Illustrator CC Art Brush you can create some wonderful designs. The more you work with theĀ  Art Brush, the larger your creativity will become.

You apply the Art Brush to any Illustrator path, or you can use the Paint Brush tool to paint with your created Art Brush. To create an Art Brush, you simply select a single object, a group of objects or even an image, or an image combined with vector objects. You create your design and then convert your design to an Art Brush and then you start using it.

In this video, we not only show you how to create an Art Brush, but we also show you how to find hundreds of free Art Brushes that you have access to already in your Adobe Illustrator CC application.

Adobe Illustrator CC Art BrushOnce you have created your Art Brush, you have many options available with how you can apply it. You can scale proportionately when using the Art Brush. You can stretch it to fit along any stroke with. You can even have the Art Brush stretch between Adobe Illustrator Guide. You can have the Art brush begin and end at specific x and y coordinates. As you draw with your created Art Brush, you can even change the coloration as you go along.

Click here to see the Art Brush in action.


Hi Bill,

Thanks so much for the class we had together this weekend. I really enjoyed our session about the Adobe Illustrator CC Art Brush. We covered all of the brushes, but I think that the Art Brush is my favorite. I have many web and print clients, and I am working with the new brushes (new to me anyway) to enhance my work for my clients. I did a couple of new designs this week, shared them with my clients and they were quite impressed. I can’t wait until our next class so that I can learn more things that I don’t know about Adobe Illustrator.

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