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Adobe Illustrator CC Brushes

With Adobe Illustrator CC Brushes you can bring your artistic ideas to life will having lots and lots of fun. There are four types of Adobe Adobe Illustrator CC BrushesIllustrator CC Brushes and we are going to cover each and everyone so that you can understand what each one can and cannot do.

Each brush gets its job done in different ways. What amazes me is that each one, with the exception of the Calligraphic brush, can use a mixture of Illustrator vectors and real life images.

There are four types of Adobe Illustrator CC Brushes

The Calligraphic Brush

The Calligraphic Brush is used to draw. You can create the width and angle of the brush and much more. If you are using a Wacom tablet or something like a Wacom tablet, you will have more options.

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The Art Brush

With the Art Brush you actually put art in a brush. You can add any vector or image into a brush stroke and as you draw with your new brush, you see your plan come to life.

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The Pattern Brush

The Pattern Brush is a very different type of Brush. You create patterns (you need to take a look at our Patterns video) and then apply these patterns to lines, corners, starting and ending points of a path.

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The Scatter Brush

With the Scatter Brush, you place an object on a path. As you draw with the scatter brush it scatters your object along the path. In our example video, we scatter a leaf on a tree.

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Enjoy watching the videos and have fun learning how to control each and every brush.


Hi Bill the Geek,

Thanks for these great videos about Illustrator Brushes. I have used Illustrator for quite some time. I have always used the Calligraphic Brush, but I was totally unaware of the other three. Now I use the other three all of the time. The use of the Art, Scatter and Pattern Brushes and added a whole new dimension to my work.


Linda Edwards

San Francisco, CA

Learning How to Learn

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