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Adobe Illustrator CC Scatter Brush

Adobe Illustrator CC Scatter BrushThe Adobe Illustrator CC Scatter Brush is a unique brush as is the Pattern Brush. With the Adobe Illustrator CC Scatter Brush, you can use vector objects of photo images. The Pattern Brush will place objects precisely on a path and on its corners, beginning and end points. The Scatter brush is creative in a different way. From my perspective, the Adobe Illustrator CC Scatter Brush is a bit more crazy, wild, freaky.

The Scatter brush is the only brush type that Adobe Illustrator does not give you any default Scatter Brushes. What you do is create an object, group of objects or images and convert them to a Scatter Brush. You can then apply the brush to any object with a click or you can use the Paint Brush tool and paint with the Scatter Brush.

In our video, we create a leaf that we will apply to a tree. Leafs seem to be a natural object to use Adobe Illustrator CC Scatter Brushfor the Scatter Brush. Leaves don’t grow on a tree with each and everyone the same size and the same location. Some leaves are small. Some leaves a large. Each and every leaf has a different rotation and different color. The Scatter Brush lets you use all of these properties as you see fit.

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Adobe Illustrator CC Scatter Brush


Hi Bill the Geek,

I’m so happy I saw this video about the Scatter Brush. I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator for years and I knew nothing about it. Now, I use this brush whenever I get a chance. I have used it for trees, hair, grass, ocean waves and even snow. The Scatter Brush has saved me a lot of time in several projects.

I love these videos. The are so descriptive and easy to follow. You should charge much more than you do.



Chicago, IL

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