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Adobe Illustrator Eyedropper Tool

Adobe Illustrator Eyedropper ToolThe Adobe Illustrator Eyedropper Tool is quite the gem of a tool. The thing is that if you have used the eyedropper tool in any other program, you will be very confused. When you try to use the Adobe Illustrator Eyedropper Tool, it will seem as though it does not work at all. The thing is, it is working, but you just do not know what it is doing.

I tell people that the Adobe Illustrator Eyedropper Tool works like a vampire. What it does is it worked with fill and stroke and all other properties. It sucks all of the properties out of one object and places all of those properties into another object.

In this video we are going to make many objects, all with different properties. We will have fill and stroke. Different weights of stroke. We will have different fill colors. We will have transparency settings. We might even have gradients. Using the Eyedropper tool we can easily spread one object’s properties to other objects. The Eyedropper Tool comes in very handy if you know what is going on.

Adobe Illustrator Eyedropper ToolNow you may be thinking, “Well, in Adobe Photoshop when you use the Eyedropper Tool, it reveals the color that you have clicked on?” Are you thinking this? That is very handy is it not? I bet you are trying to do this in Adobe Illustrator and you just cannot get it done.

The fact of the matter is that you can. The fact of the matter is that you need to know the special keystroke that makes this action come to life.

We are going to have quite a good time with the Eyedropper Tool. Once you know how to use it, the Eyedropper Tool will save you a lot of time. I find that it is great for experimenting with ideas.

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