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Adobe Illustrator Fill and Stroke

Adobe Illustrator Fill and StrokeUnderstanding Adobe Illustrator Fill and Stroke is a must. This video cover all of the specifics to get you on the right path as to how this all works.

To get Adobe Illustrator Fill and stroke under control, there are several things you must understand. I would say the first thing is to realize that the selection of objects, and being aware of what is selected with which selection tool is the first thing to be understood.

To get Adobe Illustrator control, the second thing is to understand what are the fill and stroke indicators in the tool bar. How do you select the fill indicator and how do you select the stroke indicator can be confusing. Also, it is helpful to understand how to swap fill with stroke or stroke with fill color.

Another part of fill and stroke is how do you get rid of one or the other or both. How do you create an object with no fill? How do you create an object with no stroke? How do you create an object with no fill and no stroke? To control Adobe Illustrator, you must know how to do all of these things.

Many experienced Adobe Illustrator users do not know that you can add many strokes to the same object. In fact, you can add unlimited numbers of fill and stroke to any one object. The question is, what panel do you use to get this done and in the special panel, where is the magic button that makes this all come to life.

Also, it is important to understand what can you use for fill and stroke other than color. Can you apply and image to a stroke? Can you apply a pattern to a stroke?

This video covers all of this and more.

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