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Adobe Illustrator Flip Horizontal

In Adobe Illustrator, flip horizontal makes no sense at all and that is why we created this video, “Adobe Illustrator Flip Horizontal.”

Adobe Illustrator Flip HorizontalIn almost every graphics application, there is a very simple button that says, “Flip Horizontal.” In these same basic, and may I say advanced applications there is a very simple button that says, “Flip Vertical.” In all of these applications the process is very simple. In Adobe Illustrator this is not the case.

Adobe Illustrator Flip Horizontal is totally different. The process makes no logical sense to anyone except for the developer that created the process for Adobe many years ago.

In  Illustrator, the method for Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical is very old. This process in Adobe Illustrator has been around since it was created. The thing is, that unless someone can show you how to do it, you would never find it. And, once you found it, you would never figure out how to use it unless you watched someone do it.

The tool that you use to Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical is a fantastic tool once you understand it. Or let’s say if you half way understand it. They way the function of the tool works is magical. Once you understand the tool and how it works you can do many things that go way beyond Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical. You will able to do things that you can not do in the basic or advanced applications that I have made reference to.

In our video, we will show you where to find the tool to get this done. You would never find it. The name does not infer that it would Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical. You would have no clue. We will show you the tool. With the tool, we will Flip Horizontal, and go beyond that function to do something truly magical.

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