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Adobe Illustrator Flowing Text from Object to Object

Welcome to our next fun video, “Adobe Illustrator Flowing Text from Object to Object.” This is not hard, but there are steps that you must complete or you will go crazy in the middle of the night. You might have a heart attack and die if you do not follow the right steps to get the job done.

Adobe Illustrator Flowing Text from Object to ObjectWe are beginning a very fun journey of working with text in Illustrator. The is the first of two videos where we will have Adobe Illustrator Flowing Text from Object to Object.

Our goal in this video is to have three text boxes with the text flowing from one box to the next. When we make the boxes, they will look like rectangles with text, but no, they are Illustrator empty text boxes that we will fill with text.

I have been doing this process for years. Adobe is always trying to help me out, but one thing that have added recently is that when you choose the text tool and click on your page, Adobe starts you out by giving you some Lorem Ipsum that you have to get rid of before you begin to add your own text.

I went with the flow on this for about a year or two now, but with the process of flowing text, it began to be problematic. Their Lorem Ipsum began to mess with my mind. I would paste in my text and their “helpful” text would not go away. Therefore I would have to spend time deleting Adobe’s “helpful” text and sometimes it was not easy. Ok, it was easy but it became a pain in the butt doing it.

I know when I have clicked the text tool. I clicked it. I know when I click on the screen I can type text. So, I turned off their “helpful” text so I do not ever have to see it again.

This video is a lot of fun.

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