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Adobe Illustrator Gradient Mesh Tool

Adobe Illustrator Gradient Mesh ToolThe Adobe Illustrator Gradient Mesh Tool is a very different and very precise gradient tool. If you have worked with gradients at all, most likely you love them. In almost every computer graphics application, they have a gradient tool.

If you do not know what a gradient is then here is a brief description before we move ahead to talking about what is in the video covering how to use the Adobe Illustrator Gradient Mesh Tool.

Here is what a gradient tool does in most applications. Imagine you are looking at a white wall in your dining room. Actually, what you are looking at is not a white wall. It is painted white, but what do you really see at any time of day when you take a look? Look at any wall in any place you go in all of the world, day or night. Take a really good look at the wall. Look at the corners. Look at where the wall connects to the floor. Look at the wall as it touches the ceiling. Turn the lights on and look at the wall. Turn the lights off and look at the wall. Notice that no matter what color the was was painted, there are many different shades of that color all over the wall.

Adobe Illustrator Gradient Mesh ToolWith a white wall you see shades of white to black. They change color over space gradually. Notice the word gradually. Thus the term gradient, a gradual change from one color to another.

With most applications you can create a gradient by choosing two or more colors. For a white wall, you might choose white and dark gray. You click a button and the application covers your wall with colors between white and dark gray gradually over a space creating the illusion of realistic lighting.

The Gradient Mesh tool does the same thing but you have a bit more control with spreading your colors on an object.

Enjoy the video. Click below to see the video.

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