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Adobe Illustrator Grouping

Here we go with Adobe Illustrator Grouping. What the heck is that? Adobe Illustrator Grouping.

Let’s think about the concept for a minute.

Adobe Illustrator GroupingLet’s say you make a school bus in Adobe Illustrator. The school bus has the outside, the yellow cover. The school bus has windows. The school bus has the front which is shapes that you have created. The school bus has tires that you have created. The school bus has two little lines, solid black lines on the side of the bus. And between the two solid black lines you have text that says, “Columbus Ohio Public Schools.”

Oh. We have kids in the bus. The kids are behind the windows. We can see them in our image.

Oh, and we have the bus driver driving the bus in the very front of the bus behind a window.

What did I leave out? I can’t think of anything. But that is a lot of different stuff.

So you have your school bus all ready to go on your Adobe Illustrator layout and the client says, “Can you move the bus down to the bottom of the page on the left?”

“Ok,” you think. “Fine, I can do that.”

But how. How are you going to select all of those objects and move them together quick and easy.

Ok. So you do it. You select the objects and move them all to the bottom of the page and then the client says, “Can you make the bus a little smaller?”

Ok. You can do that too.

But, what if after you made all of those parts you could make the bus one object? What if you could make it so that if you click any part of the bus the whole thing would be selected and you could drag the whole thing somewhere else? Not only could you drag it, but you could select the whole bus and make it a little smaller or larger.

This is what grouping is all about.

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