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Adobe Illustrator Importing Images

Adobe Illustrator Importing Images. This is a part that you must have been waiting for. I know how. I have been doing it for 20 years. The thing is that now when I look at how you get it done, I do not think that I could figure it out unless someone told me how to do it.

Adobe Illustrator Importing ImagesThis video, “Adobe Illustrator Importing Images” will show you how to put an image into your Adobe Illustrator project. The thing is, much of the work begins before you bring the image in.

If this is a print project for you, then you must bring the image in at the correct DPI so that it will print well with great image definition. How do you do that? Can you just take a picture with your cell phone and put that image into Illustrator and everything will be just fine. I think not unless you have a super good cell phone.

Now that you are doing print work, you will need to understand what is DPI. Dots per linear inch. What the heck is that?

DPI is all about the quality of your image so that when the printer prints your file, it looks really good. What DPI do you need to make that happen? There is DPI for print and there is DPI for web. And what file format do you bring the image in as? Do you use a Photoshop file, a Jpeg, a Png or some other file format. What about the width and height of the image that you are going to bring in? When do you start thinking about that?

What if you do not want an entire image, but just part of an image to put over the entire image in your project? How do you get rid of the background and only bring in the part that you want?

This video covers all of the above.

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