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Adobe Illustrator Masking

Adobe Illustrator Masking is a real treat. Masking is one of my favorite things to do in any application. I love to create mask in Photoshop, Flash (now called Adobe Animate) and Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator MaskingIf you are new to masking, you may be wondering, “What is Adobe Illustrator Masking?” Masking is making a window that you can see through to what is behind the mask. That is masking.

In this video we are going to bring in two images. The first image is our background image. In this case the first image is a view of the ocean in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. On top of this image, we bring in an image that is a courtyard. Once we bring in those two images, then we are going to make an oval. We want to see the courtyard in the oval and the oval with the courtyard in it hovers over the ocean view.

Then we are going to do Adobe Illustrator Masking with text. To do this we bring in a third image. This is an image of a Mexican calendar. We embed this image into our Illustrator document. Then we type the word MEXICO. The word Mexico will be our window and in our window we will see the Mexican Calendar. Now we can see the view of the ocean with the courtyard in an oval an our MEXICO title that has the Mexico Calendar for “fill,” you might say.

Finally we do something that is like a mask. I have a woman’s head that I want to bring in. In the image the woman has a white background. We could import the image and mask the white background out so that it goes away. But, it we get rid of the white in Photoshop and export the image from Photoshop as a PNG 24, then we can import it into Illustrator and the white background is gone saving us a lot of time.

Enjoy Adobe Illustrator Masking

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