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Adobe Illustrator Paths and Anchor Points

Adobe Illustrator Paths and Anchor Points

Welcome to the brand new world of working with Adobe Illustrator Paths and Anchor Points. Paths and Anchor Points are quite mysterious and very frustrating if you have no clue of what is going on under the covers, behind the scenes. That is the reason you need to watch this videos. Many of your problems will go away after seeing these few minutes of explanation.

This is the first of many videos that will help you gain control of Adobe Illustrator Paths and Anchor Points.

Paths and anchor points involve just a few concepts you need to understand to make you life better. Questions that may come to mind are, “Where are the Paths? Where are the anchor points? How do I select just one anchor point? How can I move an anchor point? What tool do I use to select an anchor point? When I select an anchor point, what are those little lines that show up to the left and right of an anchor point? How do I increase or decrease the curve of a path?”

This video will answer all of those questions. As we move ahead, there will be many more questions that you have. We will answer all of your questions sooner or later. Most of your questions will be answered in this video, or in the video called, “Using the Adobe Illustrator Pen Tool.”

This video also covers what is the difference between the Black Arrow Tool and the White Arrow Tool. With this part of the video we share with you how to select groups of anchor points and move them together.

Also in the video we take you to a special place where you can see only the paths and anchor points in your document. Oh my! Just wait for that.

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