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Adobe Illustrator Placing Text in Shapes

When in Adobe Illustrator Placing Text in Shapes is quite a joy. You can place text in circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, stars, polygons and even text.

Adobe Illustrator Placing Text in ShapesOf course, why would you place text in rectangles or squares when you can do that with the regular text tool. Then you would just create a text box.

In this video, “Adobe Illustrator Placing Text in Shapes,” we will start out by creating three ovals with no fill. We will create a stroke on each oval so that we can see where they are.

Once the circles have been created, then we will use the magical, “Area Text Tool” to paste text into that shape. The way we have set things up in this video, there is way to much text to fit into one oval. Therefore, we will have to “link” all three ovals together so that the text will flow from one oval to the next.

We wanted you to see that you can actually resize the ovals once the text has been added and linked to all three. You will see that once the text is linked to all ovals, when you resize the ovals, the text flows from one to the other. This if helpful if you want the text to appear to be balanced in each oval.

After we have done this, we will place text in a letter. We will create the letter G using the font Impact because the Impact font is very thick..

Of course things cannot always be that simple in Adobe Illustrator so we will have to do a couple of things to the letter G before we can place the text inside.

Finally, we will create an object, a simple baseball bat and add text so that it fills the bat.

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