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Adobe Illustrator Tutor adobe illustrator tutor, adobe illustrator teacher 4-22-14 Hi, I'm Bill the Geek. I'm a one on one, full time, Adobe Illustrator Tutor, Teacher, Helper. Ya know what? I'm a web developer too. I build web sites, write the code, create the artwork, bla, bla, bla, and that world is always changing. But the thing About Adobe Illustrator is that it has pretty much remained the same. And it is, and will be for some time the number one, Vector based application on the planet. Adobe Illustrator lives. As an Adobe Illustrator Tutor, I use it and teach it pretty much everyday. I've been using and teaching it since about the year 2000. Adobe Illustrator is all about paths and anchor points and the pen tool. Half of the tools in Adobe Illustrator are there so that people don't have to learn how to use the pen tool, but that's ok too. Even though Adobe Illustrator has been around forever, Adobe has done an excellent job at making it even more and more confusing to the people that have no idea what a vector, path or anchor point is. That's why I'm an Adobe Illustrator Tutor. I'm here to help you. As an Adobe Illustrator Tutor, many times I help people just understand what paths and anchor points are. As an Adobe Illustrator Tutor, many times, people want to understand how to bring an image into Illustrator and turn that image, be it a jpeg, jpg, gif, png, tiff, raw data or whatever into vectors. Then they want to manipulate the vectors. For the last 4 months, I've run into more and more clients that want to know how to manipulate QR codes in Adobe Illustrator, that's been a lot of fun. Adobe Illustrator is not an intuitive application. It has many little stupid and basic rules that will drive you crazy. I've been there, seen it, been frustrated by it, bought the t-shirt, been up all night trying to figure it out. As your Adobe Illustrator Tutor, I can share with you the pitfalls that will get you past the stupid little basic rules, and let you do exactly what you are trying to do. Be your artistic self and express yourself fluidly, like an art ninja, in Adobe Illustrator. As an Adobe Illustrator tutor, I help people learn quickly how Adobe Illustrator works. Most of my clients were very eager to launch Adobe Illustrator and after a few seconds they became totally frustrated. Even after watching many videos and reading many books, they told me that the frustration continued. That is why they call, or email me from all over the world. They want to relieve the frustration and become Adobe Illustrators. As your one on one Adobe Illustrator Tutor, I make you the master of Adobe Illustrator anchor points, paths and all vector objects. I share with you when an imported image is a good thing to import and vectorize and when it might be a real challenge. As your Adobe Illustrator Tutor I share with you all of the methods for working to text, masks, Pantone Colors, web conversion methods, borders, straight lines, working with QR codes and way, way, way more. I've been an Adobe Illustrator tutor for experienced designers from The Gap, Old Navy, Wells Fargo, and design firms all over the English speaking world. I'm a person that can help you get a quick start and know what to look for, and how to work with the land print and web. As an Adobe illustrator Tutor, I'm aware of many free sources of templates and software that can help you move along in your Adobe Illustrator Quest. The great thing about the sessions that you and I have together is that there is no commitment. You may want to share a half an hour with me all together. Maybe that's all you need. Some clients will share an hour a week with me for a month. Some have shared 90 minutes a month over a series of 4 months or more. It's up to you. The real bonus of having me as your Adobe Illustrator Tutor is that you don't have to leave your house. All of my sessions are one on one and live via Gotomeeting.com You can see my computer, I can see your computer, we have FM Quality sound, and you can record all the audio and video so that you remember everything that we cover in the session. My clients say that the really good thing about me as their Adobe Illustrator Tutor is that you can ask me all the questions that you were asking yourself in the big class you took, or when you were reading the Adobe Illustrator book, or the when you were watching the Adobe Illustrator videos. With me you can ask away and get your recorded answer. So, drop me line or give me a call. I look forward to hearing from You. Call me now, 415 839 0096, or drop me line and we can discuss your needs.