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Adobe Illustrator Type on a Path

You will love Adobe Illustrator Type on a Path and so will your clients. Typing on a path is probably one of the easiest things to do in Adobe Illustrator. When you use Adobe Illustrator Type on a Path for your clients, they will treat you like you invented toilet paper. They are always so happy when they see their logo or their phone number or their web site typed on a curvy path. They will show all of their friends and tell them how great you are and then all of their friends will hire you and you will make lots and lots of money.

Adobe Illustrator Type on a PathNever show them how you do it or tell them that it is really easy to do. Tell them it takes days and days.

I may have said this a few times but Adobe Illustrator was one of the first computer graphics applications that I purchased. This was back in 1993 and there were not very many. I think back then, Adobe Illustrator cost about six hundred dollars. Maybe I’m wrong, but I do remember that it was very expensive.

I could not figure anything out in Adobe Illustrator. The only thing that I could figure out was how to create a simple path and put the name of my company on the path. Then I printed the name on my business cards and all of my clients thought that that was really cool. I believe that my business cards made me a lot of money. Back then I was writing and illustrating children’s books and I was one of the first author/illustrators that used computers to do their artwork. That made me a lot of money also. More than six hundred schools internationally invited me into their systems so that I could show their students how to do computer art and computer animation. That was a great life.

Anyway, now I’m living in Mexico, teaching computer art on line and having the time of my life.

It all started with Adobe Illustrator Type on a Path.

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