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Adobe Illustrator Vectors and Pixels

Welcome to our first video, Adobe Illustrator Vectors and Pixels. The world of vectors is a new world. If you don’t know anything about vectors or pixels, then you are new to the world of computer graphics all together.

Adobe Illustrator Vectors and PixelsTo me, pixels, the little squares you work with in all computer graphics applications, kind of make sense. They make so much sense that you really don’t even have to think about them. In the most basic computer graphic applications, you just draw with the mouse. You might draw something ugly, but you don’t have to think about what happens, you just select a color to use and make a mess.

Pixels that we don’t have to think about also are images that we create when we click the button on our cell phones. How simple is that? We click, and then we have an image of our family, the Grand Canyon, The Empire State Building or something like that, and then we can put one of these collections of pixels on Facebook for the world to see. We don’t have to even know that we just moved millions of pixels from one place to the next for the world to see.

Did you know you were doing that? Do you know what a pixel is?

Once you get into the graphic design world, then you have to start thinking about pixels, images, color modes and resolution. RGB, CMYK, 300 dpi, 72 dpi. These are all terms that in the world of pixels that a graphic designer must understand or you won’t be in business for very long.

Those are all pixel concepts, but when it come to Adobe Illustrator Vectors and Pixels, Illustrator doesn’t use pixels unless you import an image into it. Everything else in Illustrator is Paths and Anchor points. Before we move on to Paths and Anchor points, we need to understand the difference between a pixel and a vector.

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