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Adobe Illustrator Where are My Old Tools

The question is, “Adobe Illustrator Where are My Old Tools?” This is a very serious situation here.

Adobe Illustrator Where are My Old ToolsI am a legal Adobe CC member. I pay a lot of money every month to keep all of my Adobe products up to date. I am a professional with many clients and students and I just have to have the latest versions of everything.

When I updated Illustrator, there were many tools that were in the Adobe Illustrator tool bar before that were not there now. I was attempting to make a video using the “Area Type Tool.” It was not there.

Adobe Illustrator Where are My Old Tools

I needed a bit of a refresher on how to accomplish the tasks of the Area Type Tool, so I thought to myself, “This is a very good tool. Adobe must have changed the way you get this task done.” So I started to look at videos on YouTube to discover what the new tool is that is accomplishing the tasks of the Area Type Tool. Then, the shocker came. Everyone on YouTube had the Area Type Tool in their toolbar. I thought to myself, “These must be old videos,” though most of them said that they were only one to three month old. I did not understand. How did everybody else have the tools but not me.

I went to the Adobe web site to find the phone number for Adobe so that could ask, “What happened to the Area Type Tool?”

As soon as I got to the sight, I could see the Adobe Illustrator forum. I thought to myself, “Someone must have the same problem.”

But, there were many current questions about the Area Type tool.

For some reason, I went back into Illustrator and started looking around. By accident, I found a little button that now I will share with you so you won’t go crazy.

Click here to see the video.

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