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Adobe Illustrator Wrap Text Around Object

In this video, “Adobe Illustrator Wrap Text Around Object,” we are going to do a couple of things. The first thing we will do is wrap some text around an oval and then increase the margin between the oval and the text.

Adobe Illustrator Wrap Text Around ObjectThe second thing that we will do is wrap some text around an image. The thing is, both processes are exactly the same. Adobe Illustrator is all about illusion, so it appears that we are wrapping text around the image, but in fact, we are wrapping text around an invisible shape that we are hiding from the world so they cannot see what we are doing.

The process is pretty simple. First you need some text. I have some text from an SEO project, in means nothing. I created the text in Open Office. I do not think it matters where you get the text from. I believe that Illustrator will paste about any text you want to copy.

Now that I have created the text, I make a rectangle shape, the size of my page. Then, I select the Area Text Tool and gently click on a path of my rectangle. After I have gently clicked the side of my rectangle, then I can see the text curser flashing inside my rectangle meaning that now I can paste my text. That is what I do. Now I have text.

The next thing that I do is create a big, oval shape with the ellipse tool. I make the oval pretty big. Now I think that the ellipse must be above the text. You can try it, but I think that is the rule. After all of this is set up, then there is one more magic keystroke to make it all happen. The same is true when adding the margin you want between the oval and your text.

Creating the text wrap around the image is pretty much the same process. It is a bit of a head game because you are figuring out where you do not want the text to be. You’ll see.

I hope you enjoy the video, “Adobe Illustrator Wrap Text Around Object.”

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