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Adobe Photoshop CC Clone Tool

Adobe Photoshop CC MaskingThe Adobe Photoshop CC Clone Tool is great when you have that image that is totally perfect, but, you have one little problem in the image. Maybe there is some trash in the grass that you don’t want. Maybe the problem is a pimple on the woman’s face the day of her wedding. Maybe the problem is that one boat out there in a perfectly still, ocean sunset. Any of these situations is a job for the Adobe Photoshop CC Clone Tool, formally know as the Rubber Stamp Tool.

To show you what the Clone Tool can do, I grabbed an image from the internet of a beach with some trash on it. Other than the little bit of trash on the beach, it is a total usable image to put something, or someone else on that beach.

Adobe Photoshop CC Clone Tool

Adobe Photoshop CC Clone Tool

Adobe Photoshop CC Clone ToolLike most Adobe Tools, getting accustom to their use takes a little time. When using this tool, you have to identify what you want to get rid of and what you want to replace it with. You use a special keystroke to click on the item you will use as the replacement (you’ll see in the video) then you paint on the item you want to replace. As you click or drag over the item that is being replaced, you will see a bulls eye over the area where you are taking the replacement item from. You’ll see. With this process you can click to replace, or you can drag to replace. In this process, sometimes a click is better than a drag.

Also, something to keep in mind is the size of the brush you will use and whether it is best to use a hard edged brush or a soft edged brush. I find that 99% of the time, the replacement blends better with a soft edged brush.

Watch the video, buy my book, move to Mexico.

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