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Adobe Photoshop CC History Panel

Adobe Photoshop CC History PanelAdobe Photoshop CC History Panel. You’re going back in time. You’re in the land of controlled undos. All of your actions have been recorded. You can move forward and backward in time. You can experiment, save and then return to the past and try to improve or change, and then save with a different file name. If human life were that easy. This is the land of the Adobe Photoshop cc History Panel.

I love the History Panel. This is one panel I keep open all of the time. Photoshop keeps each and every action that you have taken on record and gives each action a name, step by step along your creative journey. Each brush stroke, each selection, each erase, each deselection, each delete is recorded and labeled.

Adobe Photoshop CC History PanelI like the Adobe Photoshop CC History Panel because I make mistakes. I do things that make an image ugly. I put images and effects where they never should have been placed and sometimes, many times, I don’t figure this out until 12 steps have been taken. If it were not for the History Panel, many time I would have to start my project all over again, waisting hours of my time.

I like the History Panel because even when my work is excellent, which it always is, I experiment up to a point, and then go back in time, rename the file and create a totally different design.

I use many applications as you do I’m sure. Most applications give you the ability to undo an unlimited number of times. But in these applications, aren’t you always wondering when you have “undo-ed” to the right undo. The beauty of the Photoshop History Panel is that you can see the names of all of the actions you have taken and it is easy to select the point in time you want to undo to and this gives you control of your work, saving you time.

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