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Adobe Photoshop CC, Kerning, Leading and Tracking

Adobe Photoshop CC, Kerning, Leading and TrackingAdobe Photoshop CC Kerning Leading and Tracking is very easy to use.  I use Adobe Photoshop CC a lot. Much of how the artwork I create for myself and my clients puts words in front of the images in Photoshop. Many times I need more or less space between letters or lines of text. This is a job for  PhotoshopKerning, Leading and Tracking.

It’s amazing how many of us that are in front of the keyboard for hours and hours and hours everyday, writing short and long documents in all sorts of different graphics or word processing applications have no clue what kerning, leading and tracking are all about. Whether you are using Word or Apple Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Indesign, Kerning, leading and tracking can help you out many times in almost any document, or where ever there is text.

Adobe Photoshop CC, Kerning, Leading and TrackingThese methods are very easy to find and very easy to work with, if you can find the panels that get the job done. The people in charge of the text function of Adobe Photoshop CC, Kerning, Leading and Tracking make millions of dollars a year to keep the functional panels secret and hidden so that they can make more money. It´s a big conspiracy.

I am here today to show you how to manipulate your text so that the next time you need letters closer together or farther apart, or when you need to have more or less space between lines, you will know what to do and thus, get a big giant dollar bonus from your client or your boss.

Let’s spell it out real quick.

Kerning is the space between two letters. Did you ever create a real impressive resume and all your experiences are perfect for anyone looking at all of your wonderful skills? Then, you put it in Word and at the very top, 2 letters are just messing the visual aspects of resume all up. This would be a job for kerning.

Tracking is the space between all selected letters. Leading is the space between lines of text.

Learn how to get it all done by viewing our video, “Adobe Photoshop CC, Kerning, Leading and Tracking.”

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