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Adobe Photoshop CC Magnetic Lasso Tool

Adobe Photoshop CC Magnetic Lasso ToolThe Adobe Photoshop CC Magnetic Lasso Tool is one of the most interesting of all of the selection tools as far as the way the thing actually works. It is truly unbelievable. With all of the other selection tools, you might have to click and drag, or you might have to make multiple clicks, but with this one it is the roll of the mouse and you eye sight during the roll that makes the selection.

The Magnetic Lasso Tool can detect two sides of color. Let’s say you have a lady standing on the beach. She is wearing jeans and a navy blue shirt. The jeans are blue, and the shirt is blue. The sky is light blue and the sand is light brown. As you roll the mouse along the lady’s leg, this tool tells itself, “This side is brown, that side is blue, I will draw a selection line right between the two.”

Adobe Photoshop CC Magnetic Lasso ToolWhat developer came up with this because I don’t understand technically how it works, but it does work and it works very well.

Using the Adobe Photoshop CC Magnetic Lasso Tool is a great time to talk about how all of the selection tools can work together once you have made your initial selection. Many times when you use this tool, it comes very close to selecting everything you want perfectly, but most of the time there will be a little bump, a little round spot inside or outside what you would call a perfect selection.

This is when I zoom in on the problem spot and go to work with the regular, old fashion lasso tools. When using the lasso tool, one keystroke lets you take away from the selection while another keystroke lets you add to the selection. You’ll see in the video.

I don’t see how I could understand this tool unless someone sat down with me and showed me how it worked.  I can be with you in a one on one session and share with you many parts of Photoshop that will make you life a lot more easy.  Keep your hair.  My form is right below.

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