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Adobe Photoshop CC Quick Mask

Adobe Photoshop CC Quick MaskAdobe Photoshop CC Quick Mask is the most controllable selection tool to get any job done. The challenge of the tool is it takes a little time to understand how it works. Once you understand how it works, you’ll love it and you will use it often.

For all of the times that you look at an image and say to yourself, “This selection will just be too difficult to pull off.” That when the Adobe Photoshop CC Quick Mask tool will come to the rescue.

The great thing about this tool is that once you have started with any selection tool, you can turn it on, and you can turn it off. When I am working to select something and things are not going my way, I say to myself, “Ok, it’s time to get serious. I’m going to the Adobe Photoshop CC Quick Mask Tool right now.”

Adobe Photoshop CC Quick MaskThe Quick Mask button is always at the bottom of the tool bar. You have seen it down there, but you just didn’t know what it’s function was. The first thing you have to do to use the Quick Mask function is to select anything. Just select anything that you want. Then click the Quick Mask button. Then things get strange in your Photoshop world. All of a sudden, by default, you see red all around the area that you selected and your selected area is in full, natural color. Ok, that’s fine.

Once you see this new world, you use the paint brush tool to enhance your selection. In this new world, you paint only with two colors, black and white. One color takes away from the selection, the other color adds to the selection. The power of using Quick Mask with the paint brush tool is that you can choose the size of the paint brush you use. I find that when I am in Quick Mask mode I am zoomed in really close and I use a very small brush to work on the tough spots.

Also, the beauty of using the paint brush is that you can select a hard edged brush or soft edged brush. You can choose the one that meets you needs for the job that has to be done.

It’s hard to describe in words, but thank God we have the power to create videos so that you can see it right in front of your eyes.

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