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Adobe Photoshop CC Selection Tools

Adobe Photoshop CC Selection ToolsAdobe Photoshop CC Selection Tools make the world go around. These tools put the word Photoshopped in Photoshop. Even 20 years ago when the Adobe Photoshop CC Selection Tools were not that sophisticated they were pretty amazing, but now that Adobe is paying their developers millions of dollars a year to make all of the tools better, the developers are breaking their butts to enhance the tools as we speak. You have to remember, these developers live in San Jose and the Bay area where it costs millions of dollars just to put their kids through preschool let alone Stanford or USC.

It all started out with the basic Lasso Tool. Now, even the terrible image tools like Paint on the Pc has a Lasso tool. Phones have lasso tools.

Now the list of  Selection Tools is vast. You have the Lasso tool, the Adobe Photoshop CC Selection ToolsMagnetic Lasso Tool, the Polygonal Lasso Tool, the Magic Wand Tool and the list goes on.

The really cool thing about the  Selection Tools is that you can use them together to add and subtract from each others selections. Most people don’t know that after you make any selection, you can save the selection, bring it back and apply the same selection next week or next year. It used to be you could only save about 32 selections in one document, I am not sure what that number has gone up to these days.

Of course, every tool has its limitation. Even the best selection can only go so far when the situation gets really challenging, tight and detailed. That us when its time to go to the supreme form of image selection, the tool that most Photoshop Pros don’t even know about. That is QUICK MASK MODE.

So there you have it. If you want to make your images so good that no one says “That’s Been Photoshopped” then you want to watch this video, “Adobe Photoshop CC Selection Tools.”

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