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Adobe Photoshop CC Text Basics

Adobe Photoshop CC Text Basics is really not that basic. After using Photoshop sense 1993, to me it makes sense. When I explain it to people and show people how to use the text tool in my one on one private classes, when I hear the words that come out of my mouth, I think to myself, “This is really weird.”

Adobe Photoshop CC Text Basics

The fact of the matter is, it is not at all hard to work with text once you know and understand the Adobe Photoshop CC Text Basics. Once this part is out of the way, then you are headed on to super great pieces of art that will be created.

Adobe Photoshop CC Text BasicsIt took me a long time to figure out the fastest and most simple way to work with titles for web pages and book covers, but now things go really fast.

Also, it took some time to realize that text in Photoshop is not made up of pixels like images are. Photoshop text is a different object. Sometimes to do special things with text, the text needs to be “rasterized.” After the text is rasterized, then it is pixels and you are back into the image world where you are in total control again.

For book covers I use many of the layer effects that can be use with text. Specifically Drop Shadows. I’m a drop shadow freak.

This first video will get you started with Adobe Photoshop CC Text Basics. If you watch this one video, you will be on your way and you won’t look back. You can work with Photoshop Text with great confidence.

The video after this one, “Kerning, Leading and Tracking,” is all about text spacing. The great thing about that video is that is applies to all text application. Any text application uses these settings to space your text and lines in paragraphs. Word, Indesign, Illustrator, Open Office, Adobe Premiere, Animate, or anything that uses text uses these options. Most likely, though you use text all of the time, I bet no one sat down and explained their powers to you.

Adobe Photoshop CC Text BasicsYou can always use my contact form below for a session. Sometimes one on one, just asking to know what you want to know about is better than watching videos.

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