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Adobe Photoshop CC Type on a Path

Adobe Photoshop CC Type on a PathThe Adobe Photoshop CC Type on a Path function is a lot of fun and can help you deliver an additional bang to you images. For years you could do this in Adobe Illustrator, but you needed to use the “Type along Path Tool.” With Photoshop CC, all you need is a path, or a shape from the shapes tool section. You then just select the Text Tool, hover over the edge of the shape or path, and the cursor of the Text Tool changes. You’ll see the change when you try it. When you see the cursor change, then you click, and you can begin to type.



Adobe Photoshop CC, Kerning, Leading and TrackingFor the image below, I wanted to do something to show you how the  Type on a Path function worked. I selected the Ellipse Tool from the Shapes tool section and I created a circle. From there, all I had to do was to select the Text Tool and hover over the upper, left hand edge of the circle. When the cursor changed, I clicked. Then suddenly, I saw the little line that shows up when Photoshop is telling you, “You can type something now.” Then I typed my text.

The tricky thing is that after you type your text, the circle stays. My circle was red. I didn’t want the circle to show up. The good thing is that when you make the circle, it shows up on its own layer. When you type, that shows up on its own layer. So, to get rid of the circle, I just clicked the eyeball in the Layers Panel and the circle went away.

After I typed my text, I made the font size bigger, rotated the text with the Free Transform tool to make it fit the moon. Then I added an Outer Glow Layer Effect from the layers panel.

Now I used a shape. If you know how to use the Photoshop Pen Tool, then you can create a path and type on that also. That method can be a bit more artistic.

The Adobe Photoshop CC Type on a Path function brings lots of life to images. Enjoy the video.

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