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Adobe Photoshop CC Video Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop CC Video TutorialsAdobe Photoshop CC Video Tutorials.  I’m Bill the geek. As an Author/Illustrator, animator, Adobe Photoshop Teacher and Web Geek, I have been using and teaching Adobe Photoshop since 1993. I have seen many changes with Adobe Photoshop in those many years. The fact of the matter is, I have been using and teaching Adobe Photoshop before there was a World Wide Web.

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Adobe Photoshop has changed and enhanced itself greatly. A new comer to Adobe Photoshop can easily get confused with Photoshop’s numerous and wonderful panels and options. Many soon to be fabulous, computer graphic artist launch the program for the first time and get totally lost immediately and this leads to great frustration.

In this video series, “The Adobe Photoshop CC Video Tutorials” I get right to the 25 most essential tools, panels and methods used by professional print and web designers from around the world.

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In this series, “The Adobe Photoshop CC Video Tutorials,” I share with you the tools, panels and methods professionals use day and night, 24/7 to create the images seen on the New York Times, CNN, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Wells Fargo, The Gap and almost every corporate website you see on the internet.

The truth is, though you can use Adobe Photoshop CC’s thousands of panels and options, professional, senior graphic designers all over the world only use less than 10% of what this application has to offer. In fact, most professionals only use less than 5% of what Adobe Photoshop CC has to offer.

When I was teaching senior designers from Adobe Photoshop in downtown San Francisco, the class was 4 days long, eight hours a day. But that was with 20 people in the class and lot of questions. The school I was teaching for wanted money. In their minds, “Give the class more hours and then people will pay more money.” Fine.

These Adobe Photoshop CC Video Tutorials cut right to the chase and give you what you need to know to move ahead with professional, image manipulation. These videos are bundled with 72 Adobe Dreamweaver CC Video Tutorials as well as soon to come WordPress Video Tutorials.

Please review the course list, then click the join button to enjoy our , “Adobe Photoshop CC Video Tutorials Series.”

Getting Started

There are a million panels open when you launch Adobe Photoshop CC. Why see the ones you will never use?

Many of my clients that have used Photoshop for years, still don’t know about this free, built in image organizer

Image Resolution
6:15 minutes

What dpi are you starting out with?  What happens when you mix images with different dpi? How do you change the dpi in Photoshop CC?Many of my clients that have used Photoshop for years, still don’t know about this free, built in image organizer

Scale an image.  Resize it. Flip it horizontal.  Flip it vertical. Rotate it.  Free transform is out of this world.  A great tool.  Don’t leave home without it.

Eighty percent of Adobe Photoshop CC users only use Photoshop to crop images.  Can you believe that?  Apparently, it is a very useful tool.

Merging images in Adobe Photoshop CC is so easy it is hard.

Photoshop Layers are truly AWESOME!

The History Panel
6:00 minutes

The History Panel is like a time machine.  You can go back in time or experiment into the future.

Working with Colors
5:56 minutes

How to select, manage and save 16.7 million colors in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Selection Tools

Selection Tools are the backbone of Photoshop.  When you hear someone say, “That was Photoshopped”, then most likely, a selection tool made it happen.

In this video, we introduce how most of the selection tools work, a little bit the same.  They are all very different, but watching this video will show you how to add to a selection, subtract from a selection and much more.

Selecting oval and circle shapes.

Selecting straight, angled surfaces.

Words can’t tell you what this thing does, but it comes in real handy.

Make Your Selections Magic!  Watch the video.

When All else fails and you need a really good, complex selection, roll up your sleaves and use the Quick Mask Tool.

Working with Text

Working with text in Photoshop is not really intuitive, so here is my take and how I get it done.

The Holy Trinity of Text.  Kerning, Leading and Tracking.  It comes in handy when you need to control a limited space with your text.

You could do this for years and years in Adobe Illustrator–decades in fact! Now you can do it in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Making Shapes, Squares, and Circles

This may sound like a stupid title, but I use these shapes to make background for text and images.  There are a couple of ways to get it done.  I think you´ll like both.

Optimizing Images for Web Use

You´ve made your wonderful images.  Now it’s time to put them up on the web at a size that will load quickly.

Beyond the Basics

This is a must know for any graphics application. Masking will change your life and you’ ll have lot of fun.

The Drop Shadow Layer Effect is one type of drop shadow, but if you want to get real and be in control then you want to see this video for sure.

On a good day, when I am really on my A game, if I bring an image into my computer from anywhere, anybody or anything, the first thing I´m thinking about doing is Adjusting Color Levels in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Replacing Cloudy Skies with Adobe Photoshop CC is a snap, and it´s lots of fun.

The Adobe Photoshop CC Clone Tool is a very handy tool used to cover something with texture from an image. Almost every model you see in a magazine has been under The Adobe Photoshop CC Clone Tool.

Creating Facebook Ads

This Video shows you how to make one Facebook ad, and use that ad to make 100 more changing backgrounds and text. All from the same Photoshop Document. Also the link to download the Photoshop PSD with the Facebook, reusable grid.

Adobe Photoshop CC Video Tutorials

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