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bootstrap templates with instructionsBootstrap Templates with Instructions

Welcome to Bootstrap Templates with Instructions. How many times have you downloaded a template and you have no idea how to edit it? If you have had this happen to you then you have come to the right place. We have created these Bootstrap Templates with Instructions just for you. Better yet, the instructions are in video format so you can actually see and hear the instructions.

In “Sunshine-1”, our Bootstrap Templates with Instructions series begins with a 5 part video series showing you how to edit this beautiful, powerful, moving Bootstrap, responsive web page.

Our Sunshine-1 video series is broken into 5 parts. You can click the links below to see each and every video.

Sunshine-1, Part I, Template Overview

In part one of our Sunshine-1, Bootstrap Templates with Instructions, we go over the entire template to give you a full idea of what you are getting into. We begin by sharing with you what is where and what to look out for as you move along in taking control of this Bootstrap Template.

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Sunshine-1, Part 2, The Working Files

Sunshine-1 has many associated files. In the download you will find html, css, js, jpg and png files. Each of the files are off in their own little folder location. In this video we share with you what to touch, and what not to touch.

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Sunshine-1, Part 3, Image Options

In this Bootstrap Templates with Instructions video, we kick things off by sharing with you where to put the images to make this thing work. The download includes PSD files so that you can open the PSD and replace layers to easily change the entire look and feel of the template all together.

We open Open Photoshop and show you the width and height of images as well as other image options.

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Sunshine-1, Part 4, Glyphicons

Glyphicons are the new rage in web design. The thing is, what are they? How do you change them? What options do you have? How many Glyphicons do you have access to?

We share with you the answers to these questions and more.

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Sunshine-1, Part 5, SEO

In this Bootstrap Templates with Instructions video, we share with you how to get this page on page one of Google. Yes, we have a full section on SEO in our members series, but in this video, we show you where, how and why to put certain things in certain portions of your page so that once you make it the hottest page on the internet, people will actually find it and buy your product and/or services.

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