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Cropping Images in Adobe Photoshop CC

Cropping Images in Adobe Photoshop CCCropping Images in Adobe Photoshop CC. Adobe Photoshop is very expensive to own. I’ve owned legal copies since 1993. I’ve trained and worked with thousands of professional designers. I’ve worked with thousands of small business owners that use Photoshop for their websites and newsletters. I’ve worked with thousands of individuals that were creating wedding images, birthday party invitations, baby shower notices, I’ve seen it all.

All of these people had one thing in common. They all say, “I have this image, and this person, or these people just need to go.” This is when Cropping Images in Adobe Photoshop CC comes in handy.

Many times it’s the ex-husband of wife that has to go. Maybe in a corporate situation, the vice president just got fired but everyone else on the executive team is still there. Sometimes it’s the mother in law that gets on someones nerves and they just want to cut her out because it make them feel really good to see her go.

Cropping Images in Adobe Photoshop CCWhen it comes to Cropping Images in Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe is the king or queen (whatever works for you) at getting this done. Adobe provides little handle bars so to speak that you can drag from all corners and sides of the image to adjust what it is that you want to keep, or get rid of in the image. What I really like about cropping in Photoshop is that sometimes what you want to keep isn’t quite perfectly horizontal or vertical. The Crop Tool in Photoshop work magic for you in these situations.

What I also like about the Adobe Photoshop Crop Tool is the ability to drag your image around within the crop borders that you will see when you are getting the job done.

Many times, when I’m editing images for book covers, I only need to edit a small segment of the image, but the original image is very large and distracting. In those cases, I crop the image, leaving just the part that I want to work with and it eases the confusion in my mind.

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