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CSS Beginner Tutorials

CSS Beginner TutorialsWelcome to the CSS Beginner Tutorials guide of fun, easy to follow tutorials that will help you master CSS and/or CSS3. I’m Bill the Geek. You are now visiting one of the oldest websites on the internet, SillyBilly.com. I wrote the html for this first site back in 1996. At that time the internet was brand new. It was so new at the time that the FBI didn’t know what it was. The FBI investigated a few companies like me that had websites. One company was Disney, another company was SillyBilly.com. Yes, me, Bill the Geek.

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A lot has happened since 1996 and CSS was a giant development for the web. If you want to move ahead with me and know everything you need to know about CSS then you can continue by viewing out CSS Beginner Tutorials.

In These CSS Beginner Tutorials we will start you out with the very basics about CSS. The first thing you will want to know is, “What is CSS? What is the difference between CSS and Html?” Those are giant questions and we have fun with you in sharing what the very basic answers are.

Then we will break down how to understand CSS as a language and how to use CSS as a language. I say “as a language,” because that is what is is. With English you have nouns, verbs, pronouns and you can use all of them in certain ways. When you change your language to French or Spanish, then your use of verbs and nouns gets totally redefined. When learning any language, once you understand the basics, then you can have a lot of fun expressing your skills of the language with communication.

CSS and Html are two different languages, and in reality, CSS brings Html to life. CSS is an art form used to express your presentation skills and enhance greatly what can be done on the internet.

In our videos, we will use a code editor. When viewing and practicing our videos, you can use any code editor that you like. If you are a PC user, all you really need is “Note Pad.” You can write the code and save your pages with an Html or a CSS extension. For example, “myPage.html,” or “myPage.css.”

In our videos, we use Dreamweaver. It’s a very good code editor. We use Dreamweaver because we are professional designers and use the Adobe Creative suite and Dreamweaver is a part of the suite.

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There are many free code editors out there. Below you will see some of the most popular;

  • Atom. In the short four years of being created, Atom managed to become one of the most popular HTML editors out there. …

  • Notepad ++ Notepad ++ is a fast working, foolproof and time-tested HTML editor, that is used by millions worldwide. …

  • CoffeeCup. …

  • Aptana Studio. …

  • NetBeans. …

  • Brackets. …

  • Komodo Edit.


Which ever one works for you, download it and get ready to learn CSS, CSS3.

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