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What is a CSS Rule

Dreamweaver Inspect Element Live ViewWhat is a CSS Rule? The rule is, if you’re asking, “What is a CSS Rule?” Then you should call me, Bill the Geek, for a private, one on one session, Anywhere, USA.

Ok, I’m sorry. I’m just a Geek trying to earn a cheeseburger and some fries (super size me with a Thick Chocolate Shake).

So, What is a CSS Rule? You hear so many terms when you start with CSS, it does get confusing. Pretty much, I´m going to say a CSS Rule is anything after the tag, class or id name, within the curly braces. Pretty much, that’s it. But of course, that would be an example if you are using an external or embedded style sheet, but it’s a start).

But if you want the Super-sized true definition with pictures and fish swimming, and hearing the sound of my voice really bringing it home to you, then watch the video, “What is a CSS Rule.”