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What is CSS?

Dreamweaver Inspect Element Live ViewWhat is CSS? CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheets. You can say it a thousand times and it still doesn´t make any sense. Try it. There is so much going on with the code in CSS, you really don´t understand what the Cascading part is until you are way into the whole concept. So Don´t worry about that right now, but the Cascading part is (as you will find out) very important.

What is CSS? In a nut shell, think of html as “Note Pad” on a PC (or simple text on a Mac). With html, there is little that you can do to make a web page pretty (not really true because for years, you´ve seen great web sites created just using html with table layouts).

When you think of CSS, instead of Note Pad, You have Adobe Indesign, without the extremely high price, but with the same learning curve. What is CSS? CSS is like Note Pad on Steroids. CSS is like Clark Kent after he puts on the blue suit and the red panties. CSS is like Popeye after a can of Spinach.

What is CSS? CSS lets html do what it was never intended to do.

What is CSS? Grab a note pad (get it, note pad) and watch, “What is CSS?”