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CSS3 OCSS3 On Click Horizontal Sliding Menun Click Horizontal Sliding Menu

The sample file for “CSS3 On Click Horizontal Sliding Menu” is “basicHorizontalSliderBasic101OnClick.html.”  Again, there is a css file, basicHorizontalSliderBasic101OnClick.css connected to it and in the same folder.

The following video, “CSS3 On Click Horizontal Sliding Menu,” will share with you the valuable lesson of making out menus ease in and ease out gracefully using CSS3 animation on click. The more you observe, play and experiment with these concepts the more your imagination may come to life.

The on hover thing is cool, but I’ve said it before, that ain’t going to help you on the phones or tablets. When your page hits their stages, you got to have a new show ready. That’s why this video, “On Click Horizontal Sliding Menu,” is an important little card to have up your sleeve as you move ahead with your web development skills.

I’ve also said before that I was, and always will be a big fan of Flash. So sad it was killed in the great concept war not so long ago. The reason I bring up Flash is that I made hundreds of thousands of dollars teaching people how to make Flash slide shows. Yeap. Flash was so vast, and mostly, people just wanted to know how to make images fade in and out, one after the other.

Project Main PageThe click method you will see in “CSS3 On Click Horizontal Sliding Menu,” will be helpful to you as you move along in your CSS3 animation methodologies. At the time of creating “On Click Horizontal Sliding Menu,” people are scrambling to figure out how to make the slide shows that used to be all built in Flash. People are using Javascript, Jquery, and of course, most people making the slide shows don’t know any code.

What do all of these non Flash slide shows have in common these days? Little clickable buttons at the bottom of the animation that one can click on to go from one image to another. Again, by using your imagination and watching this series you can see you are just a few concepts away from building your own CSS3 slide shows with little clickable buttons at the bottom.
Enjoy, “On Click Horizontal Sliding Menu.”

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