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Let’s talk about Divi SEO. A short video series that takes you to page one of Google.  See the video by clicking here.

Hi. I’m Bill the Geek. Of all the WordPress themes out there, I find that Divi is the most friendly and most versatile. I have helped, and continue to help many small business owners, graphic designers, video producers, Amazon authors and others create there space on the world wide web.

Most of the time, teaching my clients how to get the site up and make it beautiful is a very easy thing. But it seems like most of the time, the last thing on my clients mind is using  SEO. In other words, how do you make it so that their site is actually seen by someone. When it comes to have a web site, and in this case a Divi WordPress web site, then  SEO is the first thing that should come to one’s mind.

Divi SEODivi cost my clients $79.00 per year, then they pay for web hosting and other expenses. Then they take the time to actually create the site. My clients love using Divi because they can get it up and running pretty much without knowing any code at all. And the site looks so professional. But again, while my clients are extremely happy with the site, the last thing on their minds is SEO, which actually should be the first thing on their minds. The first thing on their minds should be, “How can I use  SEO to help their business prospects find them on page one of Google.” That I would think should be the first thing on their minds but it really is for most clients.

I was born in Columbus, Ohio, graduated from Dartmouth College and the Ohio State University. I’m just saying that to say that I am a US citizen. But I Have lived in Mexico for the last 12 years. 100% of my income comes from people finding me on the internet because of my SEO skills. I live on SEO.

The following videos created around the concept of Divi SEO show you how to get on Page 1 on Google, clean, legal, total “White Hat,” SEO.

Clients that have followed my Divi SEO instructions can’t believe that their phone rings and they get orders from their web sites while they are in the grocery store. That is the whole purpose of watching my videos and learning Divi SEO.

Please enjoy the Divi SEO videos and use them to increase you income and enjoy your life.


Bill the Geek