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Divi Video Tutorials

Divi Video Tutorials

Welcome to the Bill the Geek Collection of Divi Video Tutorials. I have been working with scores of clients, many that are web developers with clients of their own, over the last couple of years, helping them build great web sites, and at the same time helping them get their sites to page one on Google.

If you follow the steps below, you will learn how to create a very nice site, and if you follow all of my tips, you will get to page one of Google, meaning that your phone will ring, your email box will fill up, and your contact form will get worn out.

You can watch these Divi Video Tutorials in order, that is what I suggest, or you can skip around and just watch the ones that you think you need. Either way, they are all here for you right now and the list of Divi Video Tutorials will grow.

These Divi Video Tutorials are made for people that have no clue what code is. These tutorials are for people that are brand new to web design. I tried to think of all of the people I have worked with in the past, thinking of their questions, concerns and mental challenges jumping into their new world of web design.

I hope these videos help you.

Bill the Geek

Divi Video Tutorials