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Dreamweaver Bootstrap Columns in Columns

Dreamweaver Bootstrap Columns in Columns

 Dreamweaver Bootstrap Columns in Columns is what our next video is all about. In this video of course, we will introduce a concept that my clients ask me about all of the time, “What about Dreamweaver Bootstrap columns in columns? Can you put a Bootstrap column in another column?”

Only here at BilltheGeek.com/Members do we answer this question, well.

Dreamweaver Bootstrap Columns in ColumnsMany people say that all Bootstrap page look the same. And, pretty much that is true. The world of web design is very much about money. Just like in the “Wizard of OZ,” they say there are good witches and bad witches, in the land of Web Design, there are good people and bad people. Many of the bad witches of web design take one Bootstrap page, and sell that same exact page to hundreds of clients for the same price, paying for their luxurious homes in West Beach, Florida.

Now back to our video, “Columns in Columns.” The fact of the matter is, you can make a Bootstrap page look anyway you want to. That is why creating Columns in Columns is such an important concept to understand.

The downside of Columns in Columns is that is will take some pre-planning. The challenge with pre-planning is the reason that most Bootstrap pages look the same. Many of the bad witch web designers would rather plan once, sell a thousand sites, go to the bar.

If any of these concepts don’t sink in just right, then please feel free to give me a jingle and we can set up a one on one, personal, private session with just you and me. You can see my computer, I can see your computer and we have live, FM Quality sound.

This video, “Dreamweaver Bootstrap Columns in Columns,” is part one of a short “Dreamweaver Bootstrap Columns in Columns,” series that will show you the way to creating Bootstrap web pages that will separate your site(s) from those of the bad witch sites.

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